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Sikuli uses screen shots to run scripts, is amazing

If you ever find yourself doing repetitive task on your computer, pay attention. Sikuli is an important step toward removing the barrier between the average computer user and programming.

Normally, to make a computer do a repetitive task, you'd need to understand a programming language like Java, Objective C or C#. To perform some remedial task like starting iTunes and kicking off a play list you'd need to write a whole mess of code and understand the API's for that application.

Sikuli gets around this by using picture based computing. Instead of needing intimate knowledge of a particular API or language you simply use Sikuli script to take an action on an area of the screen it finds by you giving it a picture.


Ok, let's take our iTunes example, say I want to open the app, find a particular play list, then click the play button. To do that simple task by traditional means would take a decent amount of code. With Sikuli, it's three lines and looks like this.

Amazing stuff. See the video below for a more thorough explanation. The Sikuli script and IDE are a free download and work on any platform that can run Java. I highly recommend you check this one out and be sure to post the cool scripts you've made in the comments.


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