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WooRank summarizes your website in a few seconds

Competitive? Run a website? Curious to see how your favorite sites rank? I have just the thing.

WooRank is a new service that summarizes your entire website in one decidedly useful shot. Highlights include:
  • Traffic estimation numbers using Google data, Alexa & Compete rankings
  • An internal site SEO analysis with a Text/HTML ratio
  • Off-site SEO with link counts from Delicious, Digg, Twitter & Wikipedia as well as a back link count total -- Nice
  • It even does a Whois lookup and shows if the site is using compression
Good stuff. It summarizes all this using some behind the curtains wizardry to create a single score they call the woorank. Without knowing more about the algorithm it's hard to say if this number is meaningful but from their About page I would assume it's based heavily on search criteria Google finds relevant.

They appear to be adding features rapidly; in the last 24 hours a PDF feature appeared that will send the summary to an email address. The current services are free with unspecified premium features coming soon.

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