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Mozilla Weave hits 1.0, keeps all your Firefox installs in sync!

Weave, Mozilla's browser sync tool, has finally hit version 1.0 -- for both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox!

Install the add-on in your browser, and you can securely sync your Firefox profile data like bookmarks, history, passwords -- even the tabs you have open -- across all the machines on which you run it. Weave accounts are free to create, and your information is encrypted, password-protected, and parked in Mozilla's cloud until you need to access it from elsewhere.

Nokia N900 owners, Weave will seamlessly link your desktop and handset browsers keeping things perfectly synced up while you browse on the go.

So what won't Weave synchronize? Your addons, personas, search plugins, and under-the-hood customizations (like about:config tweaks). According to Mozilla, we just need to have a little patience -- they fully intend future versions of Weave to be able to sync everything which makes your Firefox truly yours.

Head on over to Mozilla Labs and grab Weave 1.0! Have questions you need answered? Check the Weave FAQ and Mozilla forums, or post a comment here!

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