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Get your Nokia N900s ready, because Firefox for Maemo RC3 is out now

The folks at Mozilla are on a roll this month: first, they got Firefox 3.6 out the door and onto the desktops of millions of users, and now they're delivering Firefox to the palm of your hand. That is, if you own a Maemo phone, like the Nokia N900. Firefox for Maemo just got its third release candidate, which indicates it's quite close to a final release. RC3 cleans up a few bugs and addresses an issue with plug-ins, especially Flash.

Although it may disappoint some users, Mozilla has pulled plug-in support -- not add-on support, mind you -- from this latest release, because Flash apparently performed horribly in the browser. Some sites, like YouTube, worked well, but Mozilla decided to take the Apple route and leave Flash alone altogether. Firefox isn't as closed as MobileSafari, though: you can manually enable plugins again via about:config if you really want Flash. Apart from the Flash situation, RC3 has managed to speed up page load times significantly and introduce more responsive panning and zooming.

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