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Find and tune into internet radio stations with RadioTuna

Long before Pandora,, and other music web sites started offering customized streams of music tailored to your taste, there were old fashioned radio stations that were streaming music online the old-fashioned way: by playing one song after another whether you liked them or not. As someone who has worked from home for the past few years, I've found internet radio stations to be a constant companion. Rather than having to select my own playlist, I like to find a station programmed by people with tastes similar to mine and enjoy the cavalcade of familiar and not-so-familiar songs that they throw at me.

Of course, finding new radio stations can be a bit of a challenge. That's where RadioTuna beta comes in. RadioTunes is a web-based internet radio station directory and music player. You can browse for stations by genre or search for a particular genre by entering a term in the search box. RadioTuna will present you with a list of stations matching your query. Just hit the play button next to any station to start listening. You can also control the volume or hit the pause button without leaving the page. And if you like a station, you can register for an account and bookmark it.

One nifty feature is that if a station tends to play songs from several genres, RadioBeta will let you know. For example, a search for Soca could bring up stations that veer toward punk rock or stations that play reggae and calypso. You can easily tell the difference by looking at the chart in the right column.

You can also search by station or enter an artist to see if any of the stations in the index are playing songs from that artist right now.

RadioTuna ain't perfect. For instance, there don't seem to be any listings for talk radio, NPR, or BBC stations at the moment. But if you're looking for music, odds are RadioTuna can help.

For a similar service, you might want to check out RadioBeta, which we profiled a few years ago. RadioBeta seems to have a more complete station list, but the site layout is a bit more complicated.

[via Lifehacker]

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