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Supercharge Remember the Milk task manager with browser plugins

A Bit Better RTMDon't you just love it when you find a way to make something good even better? Remember the Milk is a fantastic online task management application, and here are a couple of browser extensions that make it even better if you're using Firefox or Chrome.

Both of these extensions have existed in some form in Firefox for a while, but they have both recently been released for Chrome, and they're worth investigating for either platform if you haven't already.

A Bit Better RTM

Remember the Milk's primary view is through its web app (though you can access it via email, mobile, Twitter, iPhone... the list goes on and on), and unfortunately the web app leaves a little to be desired. The layout is mostly fine, but the biggest problem I have with the site is the use of tabs across the top for your lists instead of a simple list down the side.

Heavy RTM users find they can easily have 20 or 30 lists, particularly when you include smart lists, and the tab metaphor does not scale well. A Bit Better RTM (Chrome / Firefox) solves this problem by changing the layout exactly as I described, adding the ability to reorder your lists, and adding some nice keyboard shortcuts for navigating your lists that match up well with the keyboard shortcuts you know from Gmail and Google Reader.

Remember the Milk for Gmail

Remember the Milk for GmailSpeaking of Gmail, if you're a user of both Remember the Milk and Gmail, you need to drop everything and grab a copy of the official Remember the Milk for Gmail extension (auto-detects Chrome & Firefox), which was created by RTM themselves.

Though RTM does offer a Gmail gadget that will run in any browser, Remember the Milk for Gmail is much easier to use and more prominently displayed in your inbox. It allows you to do almost anything you'd want to do in your task list right from Gmail, and adds the ability to create new tasks from emails by either starring them or labeling them with a specific label that you can set in the settings.

This only scratches the surface of what Remember the Milk can do, and the many ways you can extend RTM. If you have any Remember the Milk tricks up your sleeve, please feel free to tell us in the comments.

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