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FreshStart extension for Google Chrome syncs browsing sessions across multiple computers

So every Google Chrome channel now supports bookmark sync, but suppose you'd like to open up the same set of tabs at home that you were running when you left work? You can't do that without help -- fortunately, there's a solution over at the Extensions Gallery.

Grab the FreshStart extension for Chrome.

Once it's installed, just click the button in your browse actions area to save a set of tabs for retrieval later. FreshStart provides checkboxes (all selected by default) so that you can exclude any pages you wish.

Save as many sets as you like, and FreshStart uses Chrome's built-in bookmark sync ability to store your sessions in the cloud. Hop on another computer, click the extension, and load up your desired tab set!

The latest version has also added a crash recovery feature -- a must-have if you're running unstable builds like the dev channel or Chromium nightly. When enabled, FreshStart saves your tabs every five minutes so that you can quickly and easily pick up where you left off after a crash.

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