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Hulu could soon start charging for 'premium' content

, the online video service that allows users to watch television shows for free, is thinking about charging. Yeah, it sounds kind of strange to me too. In an effort to increase revenue, it looks like Hulu may put a premium price tag on some popular shows and exclusive web content.

It doesn't look like it's going to be all bad though. Hulu is going about this the right way and has taken the time to research what people are willing to pay for and what they expect to get for free. One plan is to allow free access to the five most recent episodes of certain shows but charge for older content. This is no real surprise as talks about a subscription service have been around since June.

Some of the shows that are in the hot seat to become "premium" include "30 Rock", "House" and "Modern Family". As of now, Hulu isn't commenting on their plans, or when this service may begin.

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