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DoubleTwist makes a deal with T-Mobile, becomes iTunes for Android

DoubleTwist is an iTunes alternative that can sync your media library with tons of mobile devices, not just those made by Apple. The app has supported Android devices for some time now, and a brand-new partnership with T-Mobile means it will be used on many more Android phones in the future. The wireless provider has licensed DoubleTwist, and will now pre-install it on a selection of Android devices, as well as promote it to T-Mobile customers.

This looks like a great move for both T-Mobile and DoubleTwist. The phone company that doesn't carry the iPhone (although that could change soon) meets the music app best known for supporting non-iPhone devices. They're like peanut butter and jelly! Google wins, too, because there's no built-in Android app that syncs music, videos and playlists anywhere near as seamlessly as DoubleTwist does. The only thing missing from the pre-installed Android version of DoubleTwist is Amazon Mp3 Store integration, but you can get that by downloading and installing the standard version of the app.

[via TechCrunch]

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