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How to subscribe to specific Download Squad feeds in your RSS reader

We often get comments from readers who would like to be able to subscribe to specific feeds here on Download Squad -- Windows, Google, Firefox -- you get the picture.

As it happens, you've always been able to do that. Here's how!

The easiest method is to check out our Feeds Page. You'll find direct links to dozens of specific RSS feeds for the categories we use. Whether you're an Open Source supporter, keen to stay on top of web browser news, or just looking for Time Wasters to kill your productivity there are loads of dedicated feeds listed.

You can also subscribe to a specific author. Underneath the title of any post you'll see his or her name -- and just to the right of that you'll see (RSS feed). Like Jay's posts? Just grab his RSS link from any post he's penned!

Here's another handy tip...

We've started using tags more heavily than categories (for various reasons). For an even more personalized experience you can subscribe to a specific tag! To add a tag feed, use the following format:
Tags are listed at the end of every post. We try to be straightforward with them - Google, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Facebook. You'll notice some Categories and Tags clash -- if anything, we'll be dropping categories in favor of tags, but we'll let you know of any changes if and when they happen.

There you have it! Feel free to custom tailor your Download Squad RSS experience any way you choose, and thanks again for reading!

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