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Truphone brings VoIP to Android phones, including Google's Nexus One

If you're looking to make VoIP calls on your Android phone, London-based Truphone might have the app for you. Truphone just released an update to its Android app that makes it compatible with Google's Nexus One. It now works on five Android devices.

In stark contrast to the VoIP situation on the iPhone, where developers frequently run into problems with Apple's approval process, Truphone's developers apparently worked closely with Google.

The Nexus One is an ideal device for Truphone because of its open nature. Because Google's phone isn't locked to any particular carrier, it can use SIMs from any of Truphone's mobile partners (of which Vodafone UK is the largest so far), and take advantage of local calling rates through those companies.

Why would you choose Truphone over any other VoIP provider? Well, the ability to make free calls to Skype users is a pretty sweet selling point. If you own a Nexus One or an iPod Touch, Truphone is the only serious game in town for Internet calling at the moment.

Finally, if you're in Europe, you might pick Truphone over Skype and other competitors because of its growing base of partnerships with mobile providers. Unfortunately, Truphone has made no deals with US providers thus far, but it's nice to dream about.

[via Techcrunch Europe]

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