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Steam shows massive adoption of Windows 7 by gamers

So, get this: while Windows 7 only accounts for 6% of the global operating system market, 23% of Steam gamers are using Windows 7!

The breakdown shows a lot of statistics, including average processor speed (2.5GHz) and NVIDIA (65%) versus ATI (30%). You can even see the split between 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7: if you click 'Windows Versions', all the flavors drop down -- 64-bit has 15.6% of the total share, while 32-bit has 7.45%. In the past month, the Windows 7 64-bit adoption jumped 2.5%, while Windows XP dropped by 3.2% -- a sure sign that gamer geeks are finally migrating away from XP (and that Santa brought them shiny new computers!)

But of course, the best statistic, saved until last like a prime cut of steak, is that Windows 7 (23%) has surpassed Windows Vista (20%)... after just 4 months!

Those gamers sure didn't like Vista. Who can blame them.

[Meanwhile, Sebastian sweats profusely, praying no one adds the 32-bit and 64-bit Vista percentages together...]

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