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Propane: a beautiful desktop client for Campfire

Propane client for Campfire

Propane is a beautiful, Mac-only desktop client for Campfire by 37signals.

Working on a remote team, one of the core tools in maintaing a cohesive work environment is group chat. Out of the myriad options I keep coming back to Campfire as my chatroom of choice. The archiving, file sharing and integration with Basecamp (our project management tool of choice) make it stand above the other options for us.

For me, the worst part about Campfire is that it is browser based. This factor kept driving me away from it. I prefer a separate app for chat. Propane has solved this problem for me.

Propane provides a clean, simple, useful interface that removes the mess of browser chrome while maintaining the needed functionality of the tool. Tabbed chat rooms, drag-and-drop file sharing, and fine-grained notification customization with Growl integration are just a few of the killer features of this app.

If you are a Mac user and a Campfire user, I'm not sure how you could get by without it. Currently $20 during the beta, bumping to $25 when it's out of beta, licenses are a per-user basis, so one user can install Propane on as many computers as they use. Download it and give it a try before you buy it!

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