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Posterous uses domain for Twitter updating service

The super-simply blog platform Posterous has just released a new feature on its domain, which was previously used only as a URL shortener. For those that are not familiar, Posterous is a blogging platform that makes posting dead simple. You just send an email to, and if you don't already have a blog there one is created for you. Subsequent emails are treated as new posts.

As much as the email-based ease of use is great, Posterous' real claim to fame is how seamlessly the service handles media. Attach photos or video, and they are automatically embedded into the resulting post. Include the URL to an online video, and the video is embedded. Posterous can also cross post to various platforms. So if you attach a photo to your post, it can be embedded into the post, but also automatically uploaded to your Flickr account. And of course, it includes Twitter integration, so new posts are tweeted on your account.

All along Posterous has been looking at post creation as something you do from your email client, but today's release tackles it from the other side. is an online Twitter updater that allows you to attach files and even add more text beyond the 140 characters that Twitter supports. All of this is then compiled into a tidy Posterous blog post, and a URL is appended to your tweet.

If you already have a Posterous account, you're all set; just navigate to and start updating. IF you don't have a Posterous account yet, you basically just do the same thing. You'll have to authorize to update your Twitter account using OAuth, but after that creating a tweet through will automatically create a Posterous blog for you.

[via TechCrunch]

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