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KeepVid lets you download videos from popular streaming sites

KeepVidIt's been almost 4 years since Jordan Running first told us about KeepVid, a site that allows you to download YouTube videos for offline viewing. Since then, KeepVid has continued to evolve, now offering the ability to download from many other popular streaming video sites like Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm, and others.

KeepVid works by using a bookmarklet on the page that is hosting the video you would like to download. If you're not sure whether KeepVid supports downloading from your favorite site, just give it a shot; you might be surprised!

The home page for KeepVid is surprisingly sparse, and doesn't really give any clues about KeepVid's true power. It's unusual (and kind of refreshing) for a service like this to be so understated. I guess they figure the service speaks for itself.


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