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Auslogics FileInspect gadget shows process info on your Vista, Windows 7 desktop

Like to keep tabs on where your system resources are going in Windows? If you're running Vista or Windows 7, take a look at Auslogics' FileInspect sidebar gadget.

It's a handy way to see how much of your RAM or CPU is being used by the programs you have running. The gadget can display 1, 3, 5, or 10 items at a time and you can also tweak the update interval. You'll likely have more than 10 tasks running, of course, so the gadget automatically cycles through them all at a reasonable pace.

Clicking the magnifying glass next to any process displays the view above. The panel includes information about the program like who created it, its location and size on your hard dive, and its file attributes.

One down side: you can only display CPU or RAM use - not both at once. Nevertheless, the FileInspect gadget is a nice, lightweight way to keep an eye on your Windows 7 or Vista system's vitals.

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