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10 awesome Personas themes for Firefox 3.6

Happy Firefox 3.6 release day! In honor of the official release of the latest and greatest version of Mozilla's browser, I thought I'd highlight one new feature in particular: Personas. Firefox 3.6's Personas support allows you to change the look of Firefox with a single click, no restart required. If you've used themes in Google Chrome, you're already familiar with the idea.

The Personas gallery features a daunting 35,000+ themes already, but I took on the challenge of combing through them to separate the good and usable from the just-plain-ugly. I ruled out Personas that lacked contrast or otherwise made the Firefox toolbar tough to read (note to Personas designers: there were way too many of these), and then picked the most visually pleasing candidates from what was left.

I hope you enjoy these Firefox skins, but my list is by no means definitive. If you find a Persona that puts mine to shame and deserves a top place on the list, leave me a comment!

Take the jump to explore the gallery!


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