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For a limited time, download Easeus Partition Manager Pro for free!

I've written about Easeus Partition Manager before - it's one of my two favorite post-install tech tools.

There's one downside to the free version, however: it doesn't support 64-bit operating systems. And that's kind of a bad thing. The majority of the customers I've seen purchase a new system in the last 6 months have wound up with either 64-bit Vista or Windows 7. On top of that, the free version doesn't support creating a bootable CD -- which is a must-have for disaster preparedness.

Fortunately, the folks at Easeus have decided to give away the Pro version absolutely free for a limited time. It works with any non-server Windows version and has a built-in utility for creating bootable media. EPM Pro is definitely a tool worth having, especially if they're going to let you keep the $40 it would normally cost.

You'll want to get in on the action quickly. Their web site doesn't specify how limited the amount of time will be - I've pinged Easeus to find out, though, and will update this post once they've given us an answer.

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