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Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate 2 now available, just one week after RC1

Mozilla is already making good on its promise of more frequent updates to the Firefox browser, pushing out an update to the release candidate of Firefox 3.6 just a week after the first RC became available. As we told you last week, Firefox 3.7 has been dropped from the development cycle to make these more frequent updates possible. Is Firefox delivering significant new features, though? Indeed it is!

Although 3.6 RC 2 is a "security and stability" update, it includes all the things that make Firefox 3.6 great -- faster load times, improvements to JavaScript, no-restart theme changes with Personas -- and it also fixes some stability issues caused by the way third-party software interacts with Firefox. Linux users should pay special attention to this release, as it fixes a Javascript bug that only affected the Linux version of RC1.

Firefox 3.6 is on schedule for final release on January 26th. Looks like this "frequent updates" thing is working out for Mozilla so far.

[via CNET]

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