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Windows 7 SP1 coming this summer?

Windows 7 SP1?
Word on the street is that Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. And while that's just a rumor for now, I'd be kind of surprised if it wasn't true. After all, Microsoft has a long history of putting out service packs that bundle together all of the incremental updates for each of its operating systems. Usually a service pack also includes a few new features. Here are a a few of things that Windows 7 SP 1 might include:
  • All of the Windows updates that have been released so far
  • Support for USB 3.0 and other new hardware
  • Umm, that's about it
Basically, if you leave Windows Update on, you'll probably already have most of the bug fixes, tweaks, and new features well before Windows 7 SP1 actually ships later this year. The idea isn't necessarily to offer incredible new functionality for the operating system. Rather, it will shore up an OS that's already pretty stable and signal to enterprise customers that have been holding out for SP1 that it's OK to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista now.

While we don't expect to see an official release of Windows 7 SP1 until this summer at the earliest, Spanish site Muywindows claims to have gotten its hands on an early version and has posted a handful of screenshots that don't really show much of anything beside the installer screen and the Windows system properties. These could easily be photoshopped, but they could just as easily be real.

[via gHacks and instant fundas]

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