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Google returns the favor, includes Avast antivirus in Google pack

It was really just a matter of time before Avast replaced Norton Security Scan and Spyware Doctor in the Google Pack. After last month's introduction of Google as an opt-in during Avast installs, most of us fully expected Google to return the favor.

A quick look at the options on the Google Pack web page reveals that the change has begun. Right now, only users from certain countries will receive Avast in their download (Poland and Italy, for example).

The relationship between the two companies will no doubt mean big increases in the number of installs for both Chrome and Avast. The world's most popular free antivirus software and, well, Google -- together? That's the same kind of superhuman duo as Jan and Zayna! [the Wonder Twins]

Ok, it's probably a little more effective than "shape of a booby!" "form of an ice anvil!"... but you get the idea.

[via Google OS]

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