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Curb app for Mac dumps the trash from USB drives

When you delete files on your computer, they're really not gone for good. Only once it's been emptied from your recycle bin is the file truly deleted. People tend to make mistakes and by saving fragments of the file it can be retrieved in a desperate "whoops moment".

This has always been a pretty straightforward process on your computer, but USB drives and removable media makes it a little trickier. When you delete a file from a flash drive, those fragments are actually stored on the device itself until deleted manually or when you delete your entire system trash. This isn't always the best method - especially if you want to let someone borrow your drive or want to free up some extra space.

That's where Curb comes in. It's a free application available for Mac from MRR Software that makes file removal a snap. Just drag your drive's icon onto Curb and it will find and delete those fragments and files you no longer wish to have. Curb comes with a variety of settings and secure methods to delete your files easily and safely. In my testing, Curb was great. A simple idea executed well, Curb got rid of a lot of the random unreadable files and text documents that were left after deleting some folders.

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