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Convert web pages to PDFs with PDFmyURL

Saving a webpage as a PDF shouldn't be as hard as it is. If you're on a Mac, you've got the built-in print-as-PDF function, but what of other operating systems? PDFmyURL is a web-based tool that converts any page to PDF format, on any operating system, and with hardly any fuss.

I tested out a PDFmyURL on few different sites, and it performed to expectations on most of them. PDFmyURL doesn't handle horizontal websites well, but since the majority of sites are laid out vertically, that's not an enormous flaw. PDFmyURL will split longer webpages into multiple PDF pages, instead of just grabbing the part "above the fold."

I just wish this thing had been around when I was trying to print off some outdated documents on a Windows machine last year, and was lost without my Mac's trusty "print to PDF"

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