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Auto Mute silences your startup and makes you less of a public nuisance

It happens to everyone with a laptop at some point. You turn on your computer in a library, in a café, or even at home when someone's sleeping, and your blaring startup sound plays for all in the room to hear. Not cool, people. An app called Auto Mute can save you the embarrassment of this little faux-pas by turning off your Windows startup sounds automatically.

Not only will your computer be silent at startup, it'll actually be silent afterward, too -- until you tell Auto Mute to turn sound back on again. Auto Mute is easily accessible in your system tray, and can also be controlled by hotkeys.

Auto Mute doesn't need to be installed, either, so you can put it on your flash drive along with Download Squad's other favorite portable apps. Go forth and boot up in public with no fear of shame!

[via Lifehacker]

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