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TotalFinder brings tabs to Mac OS X!

TotalFinder is a set of enhancements to the Mac OS X Finder, the most important of which is tabbed windows. Thanks to some of Google's Chrome code, you can now declutter all those extraneous Finder windows and use browser-like tabs instead. TotalFinder is unfortunately Snow Leopard-only, because it takes advantage of SIMBL plugin support that wasn't introduced until OS X 10.6. It's a tiny install, with no restart required, and it comes with the all-important uninstall script in case you decide it's not for you.

Aside from adding tabs, TotalFinder also has a few other neat tweaks. It can optionally clean up all those .ds_store files floating around your hard drive, and it can also show/hide invisible files. The coolest extra feature is a system-wide, customizable keyboard shortcut to pop up a new Finder window. Keyboard-only junkies who recoil at the thought of clicking the Finder dock icon to get a new window will love it. This feature is based on one of the developer's other projects, Visor, which offers system-wide Terminal access.

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