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Kodu, Microsoft's game creation lab for kids, comes to the PC

For about a year now, kids with Xbox 360s have been able to create their own games with Microsoft's Kodu. Over 200,000 downloads later, Kodu has arrived on the PC. Kodu lets kids create characters and maps, and program their own events. It might not be complex and hard to learn, but it's fun and it gets kids hooked on programming early. You can download a preview version now and try it out for yourself.

That's why so many schools want to get their hands on the PC version. The move from console to desktop means Kodu is even easier to control, using the mouse and keyboard, and it also means kids can share their games online and in the classroom, even with friends who don't have Xboxes.

The creator of Kodu, Matt MacLaurin, was inspired by his young daughter, and now kids in over 60 schools worldwide are playing with it, too. Who knows, maybe one of them will be the next Sid Meier or Will Wright!

[via VentureBeat]

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