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Ketchup: taking meeting notes, as simply as possible

One time-tested approach to creating good software is to focus on very few features, but get them absolutely right. That's what Ketchup does when it comes to taking notes at meetings. This web app keeps all your meeting notes in one place, so you can quickly jump back and see who was at each meeting and what happened there. It's stupid-simple to use, and shareable via public or private URL with anyone who needs to see your notes.

Ketchup's default meetings view lets you add new meetings, with attendees and agenda items. Rearranging the agenda is a simple matter of drag and drop, and the printable version of the agenda looks clean and handout-worthy.

At the meeting, you can add notes to each agenda item, and they'll auto-save for later. Granted, there are plenty of apps for taking notes, and any of them can probably be squeezed into the role of "meeting notes app," but Ketchup is designed for the task.

[via Daring Fireball]

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