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Foursquare goes to college, starting with Harvard

Foursquare's been making a lot of news lately, breaking out of city-specific gameplay and expanding its location-based game to the entire globe. But what do you do after you take over the world? Well, if you're Foursquare, you start launching mini-games with a hyper-local focus. The first one just kicked off on Harvard University's campus. Foursquare's making a push for Harvard students to join the service, and even giving them their own badge.

Although it's not likely to rival Facebook for sheer numbers of college-age users, launching on campuses seems like a good fit for Foursquare. A college campus is a concentrated area where each location gets pretty high traffic, so competition for mayorships will be a lot of fun.

Plus, Foursquare's often-overlooked function as a place to check out tips and recommendations could make learning the ropes on a university campus a lot easier.

[via Mashable]

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