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Inklet turns your MacBook trackpad into a tablet, with handwriting recognition

If you have a MacBook, you're probably used to using the trackpad as a basic mouse, and throwing in multitouch gestures if you have a recent model. It turns out that's not all your trusty trackpad is good for, though. With an app called Inklet, that trackpad becomes a tablet you can write and draw on. You can even get a special stylus for it.

Inklet can do a lot of the things a full-sized tablet can. You can use it to draw in Photoshop, and even take advantage of OS X's built-in handwriting recognition. Although a finger works just fine, the Pogo Touch stylus (sold separately, of course) is pressure sensitive, allowing you to move the cursor without drawing or apply variable-width strokes. To use Inklet, you'll need a multitouch trackpad - metal unibody MacBooks and the most recent generation of white MacBooks have them - and OS 10.6 Leopard.

[via GottaBeMobile]

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