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Foobar breaks free of world's longest development cycle and reaches V1.0

This is just a small note to say Foobar 1.0 has reached the end of its Beta testing and is now a full-fledged V1.0 release! As suspected, very little changed between Beta and Release.

There isn't much else to add that I didn't cover in the previous article. Foobar is a music player. That's basically all it does. It touts a customizable UI, but I don't know many people that bother with that. There are also some nice output modules -- if you've downloaded some music in a crazy AC3 Quadrophonic format, Foobar can almost certainly play it.

If you need more details, head over to the Foobar site.

Official direct download / Official torrent download (go on, be nice)

[Shall we take bets on how long it takes to reach 2.0?]

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