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Unison - the best Usenet browser for Mac - gets even better

Panic claims that, with Unison, they've created the best Usenet reader for Mac. Well, they're absolutely right. Unison looks good enough to make Usenet seem like it belongs in 2010, and it's more functional than anything else out there. The new version 2 kicks things up a notch with new navigation features, a great threaded message view and a file search function. Let's be frank: people go to Usenet for the binaries, and that last feature is probably the big selling point here.

If you're on newsgroups to actually read news, Unison makes it simple. The highly-organized thread view lets you read all the messages in a group in one continuous flow, and makes it clear and easy to follow the replies. If you're a bit more old-school, or you just know exactly what you're looking for, you can also browse through the messages one-by-one. Searching for new groups and adding them to your favorites is also a cinch.

Unison has you covered when it comes to files, too. The aforementioned file search is handy, and you can batch-download a group of files once you find what you're looking for. Media files, like images and music, show up inline in the message view. That makes it easy to take advantage of Unison's ability to stream music right off the server before you download. And, once your files are done, Unison can automatically unRAR, unPAR, or otherwise unarchive them for you. Don't miss this app if you're a Usenet junkie.

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