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Nocturne switches your Mac's display into night time mode

The Universal Access preference pane on a Mac allows you to invert the colors on your display, but a neat little app called Nocturne goes a lot further, providing a highly-customizable way to deal with issues of colorblindness or eye strain. Nocturne has two modes -- day and night -- and you can change the color and brightness settings on each to suit your individual demands. If you have a MacBook Pro, Nocturne even works with your computer's built-in light sensor.

Nocturne recognizes that certain features of OS X look terrible with the screen colors inverted or in monochrome, so it gives you the option to hide your desktop picture and turn off window shadows. Even if you have no vision issues, it can occasionally be easier on the eyes to go into night time mode. Unfortunately, there's no timer mode to switch from day to night automatically without a light sensor, but that feature might be added to Nocturne in the future.

[via FreeDownloadADay]

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