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Google is awarded the mightiest of titles: it's Word of the Decade!

Joining 'unfriend' (the Word of 2009), 'Google' has just been dubbed the Word of the Decade by the American Dialect Society. It's probably the first time you've ever heard of the American Dialect Society (founded in 1889!), and almost certainly the last... until 2020!

There was also voting for a variety of other categories (PDF): tweet was voted their word of 2009 (even though the Oxford University Press already had already decided on 'unfriend' -- which are we to believe?!) Sexting failed to pick up the award for 'most outrageous' -- and fail won the 'most useful' category. Hooray!

Back to Word of the Decade: other nominees were: 9/11, blog, text, war on terror and Wi-Fi. Google picked up twice as many votes as blog -- and both of them completely destroyed the other nominees.

I suppose it has to be asked... what's your word of the decade?

[via CNET]

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