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Levelator 2.0 automagically makes your podcast sound better

If you're a podcaster, an interviewer, or anyone who works with spoken-word audio files, The Levelator is a must-download. This cross-platform app automatically evens out the levels of different voices in your audio files, making your recordings a lot more listenable. The Levelator is especially important when you've got people calling in via Skype or old-school telephone, but it also comes in handy for in-person interviews where the recorder happened to be sitting closer to one person than the other.

The just-released Levelator 2.0 features an even better set of volume adjustment algorithms, as well as support for a few new file types, including 24-bit files, Soundtrack Pro AIFFs, and Adobe Soundbooth files. If you're on a Mac, you can now drop your audio files onto the Levelator dock icon. The Levelator also no longer tries to process audio when it doesn't have enough disk space to save the output. Long story short, the best podcast audio processing app just got even better.

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