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iTunes Music Store links finally include in-browser previews

Ever click on a link to a song, only to find out that it leads to the iTunes Music Store? It's such a hassle, especially if you don't even use iTunes.

Well, Apple just threw us a bone and added in-browser song previews. Now, clicking on a music store link will load up a preview page in your browser while iTunes (if you have it) loads the appropriate page in the music store. Check it out by clicking on some songs on the iTunes Charts page.

You can listen to the 30-second preview of the song - via a 300+kbps Quicktime stream - as well as read reviews and artist info like you've always been able to in iTunes. This doesn't appear to have anything to do with Apple's purchase of, which set off rumors about a streaming subscription service from iTunes. That doesn't mean such a service won't eventually happen, but for now, we've just got previews.

[via 9-to-5 Mac]

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