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Firefox 3.6 finally hits the release candidate phase

It's been a long time coming but Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3.6 RC1. The first build is now ready to download from Mozilla's FTP servers and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The original deadline for the final release of Firefox 3.6 was set for December 2009, but that was bumped back by Mozilla. In a discussion with CNet, Mozilla's Mike Shaver stated "[Mozilla has] always been more quality-driven than time-driven, but we understand timing in the market matters to our users and our competitiveness." Philosophy aside, Mozilla is probably thrilled to have finally gotten 3.6 to the release candidate stage.

One unintended benefit that has come from holding off on 3.6: it gives Firefox 3.5 more time to sit in the #1 position on the browser share charts. After all, as soon as users start moving to 3.6 the shift will probably allow IE to slide back into the first spot. IE8 has already closed the gap, moving within about half a percentage point.

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