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Adobe finally ready to make Reader, Acrobat updates mandatory

With 2010 just begun, Adobe seems primed to take yet another step in making sure Acrobat and Adobe Reader users are protected from the security exploits which plagued the apps in 2009.

Currently in beta testing is the Adobe Refresh Manager which will handle automatic update duties for both products. According to Brad Arkin, Adobe's chief of security and privacy, the current system just isn't working the way it should.

Why not? Because it allows choice. An end user who doesn't want to be bothered with an update can simply click the alert away and go about his or her business. That leaves the app unpatched and open to exploits. And since there's no point at which the update becomes required, users can click warnings away for months -- or even years, as I've seen on plenty of computers.

While this might not be the best solution to the Acrobat security problem, it will at least ensure that end users are running the latest (and hopefully most bulletproof) versions.

Of course, there's a slight problem with being mostly bulletproof...

[via PC World]

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