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webOS homebrew brings DOOM to the Palm Pre

If you've used a Palm Pre, you're probably wondering just what's possible with the webOS developer SDK. Over the last few updates, it would appear that Palm are really working to bump the number of technologies available for games -- and the homebrew community has been busy looking at the updates to figure out what's available.

Over the Christmas break, the folks at Pre Central noticed that some plucky coders have taken it upon themselves to bring DOOM, in full hardware-accelerated glory, to the Pre. Whilst it's not ready for mainstream consumption, and requires the webOS 1.3.5 update that still isn't out in certain areas of the world, the app certainly opened my eyes to applications that may potentially be in the pipeline for the Pre.

Be sure to check out the video of DOOM in action on the Pre after the break!

[via PreCentral - Photo by gillyberlin -]

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