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Open source Songbird to begin shipping with millions of MP3 players

While it doesn't have the name recognition of iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player, Songbird is still an extremely popular piece of software. And it's about to become a whole lot more recognizable: Philips has just agreed to ship branded version of Songbird with millions of GoGear portable media players.

The news is a major win for Songbird and open source software in general. It's also the kind of distribution deal that you don't often hear about for a piece of OSS. I'm still waiting for the day when laptops start showing up on retail shelves with Firefox preinstalled...

It's also a win for Philips, since lower-price MP3 players like theirs are often saddled with substandard software. Songbird gives them a sexy, extensible, and feature-rich application to ship.

Some GoGear players will include Songbird on their internal storage, while others will include an install CD. Initially only a Windows version will be provided - Mac support out-of-the-box is coming soon. I'm not sure that matters a heck of a lot anyway - don't nearly all Mac users buy iPods?

[via TechCrunch]

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