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Linux-based media center Enna ready for its close up

It's here! Enna, a media center application made for Linux is finally ready for public release. Yay? If you're not sure what this is, you're not alone. First, GeeXbox is a Linux app that turns your computer into a media center that can work on a lot of software configurations. Enna is a nice graphical interface for GeeXbox that adds some cool new features and makes it a lot more usable.

The software has been in testing for a while but the first "stable" release is coming out now. It's available as both a standalone application but it will be part of the upcoming GeeXbox 2.0 release. It takes the program from a pretty basic CD player to a full media center than can even rival Windows 7. It includes the ability to play music, watch movies, read internet-based books, get weather information and browse files on your computer.

After playing with Enna for a little while, I must say it looks awesome. It has a lot of the features that people who are accustomed to Windows Media Center or even Front Row have come to expect. Like the developers promised, the version out now is "very stable" and didn't have any real problems.

Here are a few shots of the application:
Try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments if you like it!

[via InstantFundas]

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