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Seesmic acquires social network cross-posting service

Looks like Seesmic is still trying to position itself as the Twitter client that does it all. Loic LeMeur and Co.'s most recent move -buying - will enable Seesmic users to cross-post status updates to 50 different social networks at once. has half a million registered users who post hundreds of thousands of updates a day via the service. will be fully integrated into Seesmic's various apps later this month, allowing Seesmic users to instantly post to the networks of their choice. Ping's SMS, chat and email functions will also become part of Seesmic, and users will be able to set up triggers to automatically post certain updates to specific networks.

Not only has Seesmic bought's software, it's also brought on Ping's team of developers. If anyone can help Seesmic become the all-in-one social networking hub Loic seems to be after, it's the guys who perfected the scorched-earth approach to telling the world what you had for lunch.

[via Mashable]

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