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Chrome Corner - weekly updates, extensions, themes, and tips for Google Chrome

Welcome to the first Chrome Corner of 2010! Things got a little quiet over the holidays on the software front as most Google news seemed focused around the Nexus One mobile and the possibility of an HTC-built tablet branded by Big G.

There's still plenty to cover, so let's get to it!

Hexxeh getting close to another Chromium OS release

The enterprising fellow who brought you Diet Chromium OS has been hard at work on releasing a new version and hopes to post it soon. Hexxeh had hoped to have the new version available on January 2, but it's been held up ever so slightly. If you plan on playing with the new build when it's out, have a look at the WIKI to see if your hardware has been tested. It could save you some grief later.

Feeling really ambitious? Why not set up a Chromium OS/Ubuntu/Windows triple boot? The process is actually pretty simple.

World Clocks extension helps you keep tabs on multiple timezones

The Download Squad team includes bloggers from across the globe. Sometimes I forget who's awake and who's sleeping. The World Clocks extension gives me a handy heads-up display with nine common zones. It's not customizable yet, but fortunately the default selections cover everywhere I need.

Now if I could just get Jay to wake up before 4PM...

Chrome passes Safari to become 3rd most popular browser
Naysayers poo-pooed this news saying that the spike in Chrome's popularity is only temporary, due to the beta releases for Linux and Mac. Their mindset is that the share will swing back around once people head back to other browsers when they tire of the Beta.

They're not giving Google enough credit, though, and they're underestimating the number of fans they have on those two platforms. My guess? The gap will continue to widen. As Sebastian pointed out, this was Chrome's biggest single-month gain to date. As Google's marketing gets more aggressive more people are going to try - and switch to - Chrome.

Virtual Keyboard userscript helps thwart keyloggers

Staying safe online isn't easy. One particularly nasty threat to be aware of is the dreaded keylogger - hiding on a system and waiting to record what you type. Typically, bad guys want to capture things like your passwords and PIN numbers. For added protection, you can install the Virtual Keyboard userscript.

Click on any text field and the keyboard appears - then you simply click your text in instead of typing it. This is an especially nice script to add to your portable Chrome install. You never know what kind of malware could be hiding on an unfamiliar computer.

Waitaminit...they don't sell those on Newegg...

Share your thoughts on Chrome Extensions

Now that we've had access to the official Chrome Extensions Gallery and found some good ones to install, let's hear what you think about them. Are you thrilled? Disappointed?

How do you think Chrome Extensions stack up to Firefox, arguably the king of the add-on castle?

Sound off!

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