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IBin is a portable recycle bin for USB flash drives

The Windows recycle bin can be a life-saver for anyone who's a little trigger-happy with the delete button. By default, Windows sends deleted items to the recycle bin before removing them, which means that you have to take the second step of emptying the bin before they're truly (mostly) gone. And that means if you accidentally delete an item, you have a second chance to recover it.

Unless the item you deleted happens to be on a USB flash drive. Because the recycle bin doesn't cover those.

Fortunately, iBin does. It's a portable application that you can throw on a USB flash drive to create a portable recycle bin. Basically, all you have to do is download iBin, copy it to your flash drive, and run it. From then on, whenever you try to delete an item on your flash drive, a window will pop up asking if you really want to erase it, or if you want to dump it into your iBin.

You can then right-click the iBin icon in your Windows system tray to undo the last dumping, clean the bin, or open up the Dumping Management window where you can clear or recover (recycle) selected items.

The application is available as a free download for all versions of Windows.

[via Addictive Tips]

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