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Foursquare beta now available for the Palm Pre

For the last month or so, I've been keenly keeping an eye on the progress of the open source webOS application for Foursquare: the location-based mobile game that's been in the tech spotlight since its launch at SXSW last year.

Whilst you can check in online using Foursquare's mobile website, the folks at Foursquare have been gradually rolling out more native applications after launching with just an iPhone app. On top of the existing iPhone, Android and beta Blackberry applications out there, the new webOS app has just been made available for Pre and Pixi users to use.

Though the application is available as part of the webOS App Catalogue, it's currently still in beta. As such there are a couple of unfinished areas to the app - including the leaderboards for each Foursquare city.

However, if you simply have to check into it at the gym, coffee shop or elsewhere on your Pre, be sure to have a look at our gallery after the break and visit the App Catalogue to download the beta!

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