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LinkedIn's new iPhone app looks an awful lot like Facebook

The Facebook iPhone app is a nice little slice of mobile UI design, with those big buttons that mimic the home screen of the iPhone itself. LinkedIn must think highly of it, too, because the business-oriented social network just launched a new iPhone app that takes the same design approach.

From the home screen to the activity stream, LinkedIn 3.0 for iPhone looks blatantly, extremely Facebooky. Not that that's a bad thing ...

The new layout is attractive and it also makes navigation easy. You can quickly search contacts, read and comment on status updates, or reconnect with a former colleague.

You can even change the app's theme to a different color, although a nice Facebook-esque blue suits it just fine. The app even includes a Bump-like "In Person" feature that lets you exchange LinkedIn info with a new acquaintance over Bluetooth.

[via Mashable]

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