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Find out what any image sounds like with RGB MusicLab

Kenji Kojima's RGB MusicLab is an app that does the neat trick of converting images into MIDI music. As Kojima points out in the app description, this isn't some subjective or artistic interpretation of an image, it's an algorithm based on the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values in the image itself. It creates a pixelated mosaic of the original image, and adjusts notes up and down from middle C based on how far each pixel's color is from an RGB value of 120 (mid-gray).

RGB MusicLab does give you some control over the music it produces. You can change tempo, select different MIDI instruments, and change the way the program determines how long each note should be. The results can be pretty jarring, but with the right combination of instruments and a little fiddling I was able to get some listenable compositions out of it.

Over at Cult of Mac, they tried out the interesting idea (borrowed from Synthtopia) of seeing whether Hollywood beauty Megan Fox sounds as goods as she looks. This is what they concluded: "The resulting music is a little unnerving, probably because they went with Ambient Piano and Eno Voices for the tempo and instrumentation, all under the user's control. (Trite, but perhaps she'd sound more like she looks with an allegro agitato or samba)."

[via Cult of Mac]

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