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Get every National Geographic since 1888 on a 160GB hard drive

From the massively-nerdy-but-really-quite-cool news department, I bring you the coolest thing I've seen since unwrapping my presents on Christmas Day. 120 years of amazing discoveries, eye-opening editorial and mind-expanding stories form The Complete National Geographic. Maps, stories and every single damn photo, all lovingly reproduced in 'stunning high resolution'... and distributed on a hard drive!

What you see here is the beginning of the end for the librarian. It's also great news for trees and climate change! (Unless someone can turn around and tell me that a hard disk drive is actually more harmful to the environment than 120 years worth of printed magazines).

For a third of the price you could also get the entire collection on six DVDs... but that's not quite as cool, is it? They also mention that 100 of the 160GB is freely available for your own use -- or future content updates, because the National Geographic shows no sign of slowing down yet!

The National Geographic is a frickin' institution -- and unlike some others that I don't care to mention, we should be damn grateful it exists and continues to thrive. If I had children, this would be my first gift to them.

[a nod, conspiratorial wink and thanks to Yanksy for the tip!]

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