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Free tool makes managing your Windows 7 library settings easier

Windows 7's built-in libraries are a great way to organize information on your system. Windows 7's libraries provide a powerful addition to Explorer. They simplify file sharing, speed browsing and searching, and improve organization. Libraries are also a fantastic way to group related content regardless of where it's stored - especially if you suck at maintaining a logical folder setup like me.

They could, however, be a little easier to manage. As is so often the case, when something can be done more easily on Windows a developer steps in to make it so.

Enter Win7 Library Tool, a handy, free application which acts as a central management console for your libraries. Just about anything you need to adjust can be done with the Tool - adding additional folders to existing libraries, changing the default save location, changing icons, creating new libraries and deleting unneeded ones, and more.

The Tool also allows you to save entire configuration sets to a file - useful if you're pondering a reformat and want to make sure your library setup survives the procedure. Just save your current set and re-load using the tool and you're good to go!

[via Addictive Tips]

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