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Mobile Minute: Palm webOS 1.3.5 is now available

It's been just over a month since Palm last updated their webOS devices, however today the Palm Pre has seen webOS 1.3.5 released (well, at least in the US). The update is notable, albeit for the items that the update does not address: video recording is still missing, and there's no sign of the Pre's iTunes syncing being re-enabled with this new release either.

That said, if you're sporting a Pre the update is probably one you'll want to apply to your device. Here's the notable changes in this update:
  • Users can now store more applications on their devices, with the artificial limit on installed applications removed.
  • Improved battery life (especially when in 'marginal coverage areas')
  • Support for audio and video when received via MMS
  • Data detectors to launch either Google Maps (or Sprint Nav) from Address Book contacts' addresses
The update is now available for download via the Pre's built-in Updates application, although devices will try to download the update over the coming days if you're connected to a high-speed data connection.

[Via Engadget]

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