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Krento is a simple, good looking 3D application launcher for Windows

Looking for an easy-to-configure, uncomplicated launcher that looks good? Check out Krento.

Download and install the app, and it parks in your system tray. You can bring Krento up either by pressing windows + C or right-clicking the tray icon. You can also activate it by double-clicking the "pulsar" - the bullseye in the bottom right. To enable the pulsar, just right click the tray icon.

Adding your favorite apps is as easy as dragging shortcuts onto a block (which Krento refers to as stones). You can also create different application sets. Need only your graphic shortcuts? Load 'em up. Blogging? Create a specific set for any task and call it up when you need it.

To launch an app, just click the stone - or press alt + F# (to open Chrome, for example, I'd press alt + F6). Krento uses practically no memory or CPU, and it's also skinnable. It's even compatible with RocketDock skins.

Eyecandy with minimal impact? That's always welcome.

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